Would you drink beer made with Amalie Arena ice?

Would you drink beer made with actual ice from Amalie Arena? As in, ice that was skated on by the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Stanley Cup Final?

Coors is shipping out their Champions Ice beer next week, that was made with ACTUAL ice from Amalie. After Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final, the several Lightning players helped scoop up the ice, it was kept cold and shipped to Colorado where it was used to make a batch of Coors. If the Bolts had lost the Cup, they would have thrown the batch away! Fortunately for us, the Bolts won, and this special beer will be making its way to Tampa Bay on Monday, June 12, for a limited time. If you see it, grab it quick because once it's gone, it's gone forever (unless the Bolts win again next year)!

Info HERE.

Image: Coors Light

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