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Venice is Ranked the 11th Best Suburb in the Nation and #1 in Florida

Venice is Ranked the 11th Best Suburb in the Nation and #1 in Florida

The Sharkstooth Capital of the World, Venice ranked as the 11th best "suburb in the nation with a city feel," according to a NEW poll conducted by the by national self-storage company STORAGECafe

Venice was the highest ranked suburb in the entire state of Florida. 

Other Florida Cities on the list....

Boca Raton # 50

St. Augustine #65

Lake Mary #77

Fernandina Beach #83

Palm Beach Gardens # 91. 

For the purposes of this study, suburbs were considered to be places with a population between 10,000 and 100,000 inhabitants.

Venice is considered a suburb of the Sarasota metropolitan area, while Beach Gardens is considered a suburb of Miami.

The top ranked suburb was Southlake, Texas, which is outside of Dallas. The second through fourth ranked suburbs were all outside of Chicago – Lake Forest, Highland Park and Geneva – followed by Calabasas, California, which is outside of Los Angeles.

Venice rose to the upper levels of 1,000 community ranking because of a strong mix of city-like features, including the second highest concentration of local businesses on the list – 73 businesses per 1,000 people – as well as 5.3 retail stores per 1,000 locals and 2.7 restaurants for every 1,000 residents.

It also got points for low population density, a low crime rate and its preponderance of parks, which netted out at 880 square feet of park space per resident – which was more than twice as much space as in a typical suburb.

The survey also noted that there are about 5.7 health care and social assistance establishments per 1,000 persons.

When looking strictly at the 20 best places to live – the suburbs that offer the best mix of lifestyle and housing options – the average household income is roughly $139,000, which worked out to 82% more than the average income of the typical suburban household, of $76,250.

You can read the full report here:

Venice is Ranked the 11th Best Suburb in the Nation and #1 in Florida

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