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An iPhone update moved Safari search bar to bottom, You Can Change it Back

In iOS 15, Apple’s new iPhone software, the Safari address bar where users type in websites has been moved to the bottom.

However, You Can Change it back, to the Top

Apple released i OS 15, it's the new software update has lots of new features. Though, one of the biggest changes, was moving "the Safari address bar" to the bottom of the page

I'm not sure about you... but, I'm not a fan of it....

After a little research... I’ll show you how you how to change it back.

There are two different ways to revert Safari back to the way it used to look. The first one is the easiest, but the second way lets you go back and forth in case you ever decide you want the address bar on the bottom again.

Reminder: this only applies if you’ve already installed the iOS 15 update that rolled out on Tuesday.

While browsing

  • While browsing a website, click on the icon with the two A’s next to the website’s URL.
  • You’ll see a Settings menu for Safari.
  • Tap the option to “Show Top Address Bar.”

Through the Settings app

  • Open Settings on your iPhone with iOS 15. It’s the app icon with gears.
  • Scroll down until you find Safari and tap on it.
  • Scroll down again until you see the “Tabs” section.
  • Tap “Single Tab” if you prefer the old style with the address bar at the top. Pick “Tab Bar” if you ever want to go back to the new style.

That is all there is too it...

An iPhone update moved Safari search bar to bottom, You Can Change it Back

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