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Sarasota named #1 Place to Retire in USA, by US News & World Report

Sarasota named #1 Place to Retire in USA, by US News & World Report

What are the best places in America to retire?

Yesterday, (10/13/20) U.S. News & World Report released its list of the best places in the United States to retire for 2020 and 2021.

The top destination, Sarasota, Florida.

To determine the best places to retire, in August, U.S. News surveyed more than 3,000 people who were either approaching retirement age (45-59) or at it, about the factors they consider important in a retirement destination.

Based on those responses, they scored the 150 most populous metropolitan areas based on six indexes: housing affordability, happiness, desirability, retiree taxes, job market and health care quality. Each place was given an overall score out of 10 points.

These are the top five best cities to retire in 2020 and 2021, according to U.S. News:

5. Lancaster, Pennsylvania

4. Naples, Florida

3. Port St. Lucie, Florida

2. Fort Myers, Florida

1. Sarasota, Florida

With an overall score of 7.6, 

What does US News say about Sarasota?

Sarasota, Florida is the top-ranked place to retire in the USA, up from second place last year. The “Circus City” which is located in southwest Florida, was ranked very high in housing affordability, with a median home price of $227,754. Sarasota also received a good score of 6.4 for healthcare. (Sarasota County has reported more than 8,600 cases of Covid-19.) The area of 785,997 people is very popular among older adults; 31% of residents are over 65, and the median age of residents is 52.

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