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Michigan Teen Thanks Police with Letter and $20, Then Police Pay It Forward

A Teen in Michigan reached out with support and kindness for a sergeant and deputy with the Losco County Sheriff’s Office. The Department, thendetailed in a post on the sheriff’s website, and it all came from 17-year-old Lane Caverly.

“I wanted to give a cop more than just a handshake and a thank you,” said Caverly.

On July 14th, 2020, Sergeant Jim Brink (left) and Deputy Matthew Klosowski-Lorenz (right) were sitting at a local gas station when they were approached by a young man. 

The young man handed the deputies each a card and said he wanted to thank them for their service! A short moment later, the deputies opened the cards to find a very heartfelt message and a Twenty Dollar ($20) bill in each card along with a wooden police coin.

The deputies were unable to locate the young man to try and give him back the money. The deputies only know him as "Lane", as he signed it in their cards. 

The deputies wanted to take Lanes' kindness and appreciation, and pass it on to others! 

The deputes matched Lanes generous $40 token of appreciation and donated a total of $80 to the MSP Annual Golf Outing, to benefit the Annabelle Nickell Memorial and the Thin Blue Line of Michigan. Sergeant Brink and Deputy Klosowski would like to thank Lane for his support and want to put out a challenge to anyone out there who would like to follow Lane's kindness!

Let's show Lane what his generosity can turn into. Those wishing to donate can contact Trooper John Walsh at (989) 965-1378. 

Tell Trooper Walsh your "Paying it Forward for Lane" so we can show Lane how a good deed can go a long way!

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