Man Will Do Anything For His Girlfriend, Even Save Her Grandmother's Life

A good man will do anything for his girlfriend, even save her grandmother's life.

71-year-old Bernice Ramsey was diagnosed with liver disease five years ago and was in need of a transplant, but no one in her family was a match -- not even her 26-year-old granddaughter Shelby Platt.

Shelby's boyfriend, Cody Corwin, whom she has dated for three years, stepped up and had himself tested and ended up being a match. 

Cody says, "She got really sick and she’s always been one [of] the sweetest ladies I’ve ever met. When I found out no [family member] was a match I called the Cleveland Clinic and found out I was … I felt like it was something I had to do for her.”

The family almost didn't accept Cody's donation because of how serious the transplant surgery was, but he insisted and donated a portion of his healthy liver.

Shelby said, “I am speechless … for him to step up and do something for someone I love so much. I just love him so much more for it. When she got sick I got really selfish because I kept thinking about her missing my wedding. He saved her life and I’m forever thankful.”

A Go Fund Me Page for her was also set up... ..