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It's Mosquito Season Find Out When They'll be Spraying for the Pests by You

Protect your home and family during mosquito season

SARASOTA COUNTY - Sarasota County Mosquito Management Services (MMS) is encouraging the community to 'Fight the Bite' as mosquito populations increase due to the arrival of rainy season.

This is the time of the year when mosquitos carrying potential diseases thrive by breeding in standing water, and present a greater threat to those enjoying the outdoors.

According to MMS Manager Wade Brennan, mosquito bite prevention is key to avoiding mosquito related illnesses in both humans and animals.

Simple steps like treating or removing bromeliads, and eliminating potential breeding grounds, can go a long way to alleviating potential issues with mosquitos. 

"As the first line of defense, there's a lot of easy actions you can take to help protect your home, your family and community," he added.

Helpful tips include:

·Drain standing water.

·    Eliminating mosquito breeding grounds, including buckets, bird baths, tires and gutters, will reduce populations.

·Cover your skin:

·    Wearing loose fitting clothes and applying repellent while outside and active will help limit bites.

·Keep mosquitos out.

·    Installing or repairing screens, keeping doors closed and using your air conditioning when possible will also help protect your home.

Scheduling a service request, registering for spray notifications and learning about planned spray missions, along with additional information regarding MMS services, are available by visiting or calling 311.

Photo: Sarasota County

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