Kids Who Eat a Lot of Gluten Have Higher Risk of Celiac Disease

A new study says kids who eat lots of gluten-heavy foods like bread, pasta and baked goods are more likely to develop gluten intolerance when they get older, CNN reports. The study, published in the journalJAMAon Tuesday revealed that higher gluten intake by kids aged five and younger boosted the chances of developing celiac disease by 6.1 percent. As part of the study, 6,600 newborns in the U.S. and Europe were evaluated, and all carried the genotype associated with celiac disease--which is a digestive disorder that damages the small intestine. About 20 percent of the children in the study showed celiac disease autoimmunity, which is the first sign of the disease, while 7 percent developed the full-blown disease itself. Celiac disease is believed to affect approximately one in 100 people worldwide, and this study and other research suggests the quantity of gluten intake as a contributing factor. Experts say there is no "safe limit" of gluten for children who carry the celiac genotype.