Woman’s Lost Prosthetic Leg Returned Thanks To Snorkeler

While rafting with friends down the Clackamas River in Oregon,Ariel Rigney lost her prosthetic leg.

Several of her friends tried to dive down to find it after it went flying when they hit an extremely bumpy part of the river, but they had no luck.

Rigney turned to Facebook, writing a post about her missing leg, but she didn’t really expect anything to come of it. But the very next day, a man named Eric Ganter sent her a photo of her rescued leg.

He’s an avid scuba diver and says he’s no stranger to finding things in the river, but admits he was a little surprised to find the leg, with Rigney’s shoe still attached.

An Internet search for “Clackamas River lost leg” led him to her post and Ganter was able to reunite Rigney with her prosthetic. Now she has her leg back and she’s become fast friends with its finder.

Source:Good News Network