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Job Seeker’s Unique Approach Gets Hundreds Of Offers

An Arizona man on the hunt for a job after getting laid off found a creative way to market himself and it really paid off.

Patrick Hoagland stood outside on a corner in Phoenix while holding a sign that read: “Please take a resume.

Laid off. Looking for a job.” He endured extreme heat - one of the days temperatures soared to 118-degrees in the area - but the right person saw him and made it all worth it.

Melissa DiGianfilippo drove past Hoagland, grabbed a resume, and snapped a photo of him with the sign.

She co-owns a marketing firm and was impressed by his creativity, so she shared his resume and story on her social media pages and asked people to share it to help him out.

Within two days, Hoagland had hundreds of job offers, some even from companies that won’t hire without experience, but made him an offer because of his determination.

He narrowed down his choices and is now employed by a concrete-grinding company and says he’s grateful for all the offers.

Source:AZ Family

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