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Couple Demolishes House And Become Viral Sensations

Don't underestimate people when they say they're scared of spiders. A couple living in South Dakota joked that their fear of spiders took over when they demolished their second home earlier this week. 

Jeff Hopkins and Dawn Cronk took down the property in Renner, South Dakota, and then decided to purchase a can of spray paint. That's when they wrote the joke on the side of what was left of the house.  

"Got the spider," they wrote on the house's roof in large letters. 

Jeff didn't think anyone would really notice but said it really just made them laugh when doing it. 

But someone did notice and the next day,Joshua Bohl drove past the home and it caught his eye. He snapped a picture and posted it on Facebook.

That picture has been shared over 60,000 times and has even been shared to Reddit on the subreddit r/Funny. 

The couple said dozens of people have stopped by the home to share stories of how they killed spiders in a reckless way since the picture was posted. 

Source: New York Post

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