Florida Senator Rubio Hopes the US Works with Argentina's New President

Argentinians Head To Polls For Presidential Runoff Amid Economic Crisis

Photo: Tomas Cuesta / Getty Images News / Getty Images

(Washington, DC) - Marco Rubio hopes a new right-wing president in Argentina can lead to a closer relationship with the U.S.

Senator Rubio released a statement today on Sunday's election of Javier Milei, being called Argentina's Donald Trump moment.

“Congratulations to the people of Argentina on their peaceful and democratic elections. It is my hope that under the leadership of President-elect Javier Milei, Argentina and the United States will strengthen our bilateral relations. By working closely together, we can crackdown on narcotics trafficking, counter China’s influence in our hemisphere, and build prosperous communities in both of our countries. I look forward to strengthening our partnership with Argentina.” – Senator Rubio 

Rubio says he hopes Argentina and the US will strengthen their bilateral relations.

Mr. Milei, a libertarian economist, is promising to move fast to overhaul the government and economy. “Argentina’s situation is critical,” he said. “The changes that our country needs are drastic. There is no place for gradualism.”

Annual inflation has surpassed 140 percent and residents who are lining up at food banks and soup kitchens, are converting their pesos to U.S. dollars or cryptocurrencies as quickly as they can.

Senator Rubio adds that the two can work closely together to crack down on drug trafficking, counter China's influence in our hemisphere and build prosperous communities in both our countries.

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