Jimmie Allen Encourages Forgiveness For Morgan Wallen

Jimmie Allen made a statement on twitter in regard to Morgan Wallen's incident where Morgan used a racial slur. Jimmie said he took him time to process his thoughts. He gave a message of forgiveness and accountability.

Jimmie Allen's twitter statement below:

 "Accountability is very important..we all must be held accountable for our actions. Looking over my life and my mistakes I remember the consequences I had to face, but I also remember the people that didnt give up me and were willing to help me DO better. Thankful for those people— Jimmie Allen"

"It’s not about what is easiest....it’s about what is right. In order to receive forgiveness, we must give forgiveness. ✊🏽"

"Forgiveness is more powerful than abandonment. Our job as humans is to help each other be the best version of themselves. ✊🏽🙏🏽🤙🏽"

Jimmie Allen's twitter post:



Photo credit Getty Images

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