Kelsey Grammer's Daughter Survives Attack

Actress Spencer Grammer, daughter of Kelsey Grammer and star ofRick and Morty, was injured in a knife attack outside a New York City restaurant Friday night.

Spencer and her pal were eating at an outside table around 11:30 p.m. when a man demanded to be served by the restaurant, which was closing up. The man got agitated. Police said the actress and her friend “attempted to break up a dispute between the unidentified male and other patrons at the location.”

Spencer tells via her rep that she and a friend “did what anyone else would do in the same situation” and were “attempting to prevent the altercation from escalating.”

The actress says earlier reports exaggerated his injuries, explaining, “I sustained a laceration on my arm, and my friend was stabbed in the back, but thankfully he suffered no serious internal injuries. We expect to recover quickly."

photo credit: getty images

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