Morgan Wallen Returns to Kid Rock's Nashville Bar

Back in May, the rising country star was arrested outside Kid Rock's Big A** Honky Tonk and Rock N' Roll Steakhouse in Nashville for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. And now the blog Whiskey Riff reports that Wallen drunkenly returned to the scene of the crime last week. According to a YouTube video posted by another honky tonk patron, Wallen "shows up at 2 a.m. randomly and ready to party at Kid Rock's bar" back on July 2, where he took to the stage to cover "Cover Me Up," the Jason Isbell song he previously released as a single last year. Despite Wallen's obvious inebriation, Whiskey Riff says he "knocked it out of the park" with his impromptu performance. Meanwhile, Wallen's night out may not have been prematurely shut down like it was last time, but since his visit to Big A**, all bars in Nashville have been shuttered once more due to the coronavirus crisis.

Watch Morgan sing at the bar (profanity):

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Photo credit: getty images

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