Full House Star Mary Kate Olsen Wants An Emergency Divorce

Full House star Mary-Kate Olsenis getting divorced. And it's an emergency! She signed a petition for divorce from French banker OlivierSarkozy on April 17th. The problem? New York City courts aren't accepting divorce filings because of the pandemic. So Mary Kate has asked for an emergency order to allow her to file the legal paperwork to end her five-year marriage.

Things apparently have gotten very ugly. According to TMZ, Olivier terminated the lease on their New York City apartment without Mary-Kate's knowledge and is forcing her out by Monday. She's looking for an extension, saying she'll have difficulty moving because of the city’s quarantine guidelines.

Read more: https://www.tmz.com/2020/05/13/mary-kate-olsen-pierre-olivier-sarkozy-divorce-moving-coronavirus/

Photo credit: getty images

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