160 Million Americans Say They're 3 Months Away From Running Out of Money

Are you running out of money? Do you plan to drink away--or give away--your stimulus check? How long can you financially survive before going broke? These are just some of the questions answered by everyday Americans in a new Wallethub survey.

  • 84% of Americans want another wave of stimulus checks.
  • 160 million Americans are less than three months away from running out of money.
  • Almost 24 million Americans will buy drugs, alcohol or tobacco with their stimulus money.
  • A third of Americans say they will donate part of their stimulus money to coronavirus relief.
  • Around 56 percent of Americans don't think people's unemployment income should be more than their previous income.
  • Millennials are 25 percent more likely than baby boomers to think that stimulus checks should only be given to people experiencing income loss.
  • 70 percent of Americans believe that government help should only be given to businesses with a revenue loss.

Read more: https://wallethub.com/blog/coronavirus-government-money-survey/73544/

photo credit: getty images

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