Major League Baseball May Start Season in May, With All Games in Arizona

Major League Baseball is exploring the option of starting its regular season in May and playing all games exclusively in Arizona, with no fans present. If the plan gets the green light, players, team employees, officials, and necessary media personnel would be completely sequestered from their families and all other individuals in the Phoenix area, with some games potentially being played at the Diamondbacks' stadium and others at various teams' spring-training facilities. ESPN reports that some wrinkles in the rules which may be implemented include:

  1. An electronic strike zone to allow the plate umpire to maintain sufficient distance from the catcher and batter.
  2. No mound visits from the catcher or pitching coach.
  3. Seven-inning doubleheaders, which with an earlier-than-expected start date could allow baseball to come closer to a full 162-game season.
  4. Regular use of on-field microphones by players, as an added bonus for TV viewers.
  5. Players sitting in the empty stands six feet apart -- the recommended social-distancing space -- instead of in a dugout. 

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photo credit: getty images

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