Manatee Co Sheriff Rick Wells, asks Public for Help, Not Opposed to Curfew

Manatee County Sheriff Rick Wells, joined us this morning to ask the Public for Help.

When Manatee County Sheriff Rick Wells, called us this morning, we talked about several important items regarding his team, public safety and our "new normal" for the time being.

Sheriff Wells asked the Public for Help in Protecting His Team, by following CDC Guidelines in regards to social distancing and staying home as much as possible. We discussed his policy on handling the closed beaches and boat ramps within Manatee County. We also asked Sheriff Wells, his thoughts on a potential curfew at certain times of the day, since Hillsborough County, now has one. The Sheriff told us, he is also Not Opposed to a Curfew. Listen to our full interview with Sheriff Wells, at below link.

We sincerely Thank the Sheriff and his entire team and all of those keeping us safe, our stores stocked, those keeping us healthy and those keeping things as clean as possible, during our new reality.

Maverick & Lulu Interview Manatee County Sheriff Rick Wells, listen at link below:

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