Florida Toll Roads for All Vehicles Electronically Billed by Toll-By-Plate


As of Thursday (3/19/20) at Noon.... ALL Florida Toll Roads are NOW, "Toll by Plate"...

FDOT announced this to assist in reducing the spread of the Coronavirus. FDOT says this will also help keep toll collectors safe. This means, both the Florida Department of Transportation and Florida’s Turnpike will temporarily during this health emergency, will not accept cash as a form of payment for tolls.

The FDOT tell us:

As part of this initiative, customers should continue driving through the toll plaza and pay attention to overhead and portable signs. In addition, the following items will apply:

  • SunPass and interoperable customers will continue to have tolls posted to their accounts.
  • Vehicles without a SunPass will be billed for toll transactions at the posted cash toll rate and receive a Toll Enforcement Invoice in the mail. The invoice administrative fee ($2.50) will temporarily be waived.
  • Drivers who elect to become a SunPass customer will receive several benefits including a discount on tolls of nearly 25%. SunPass works on all Florida toll roads and most bridges.

Also, Customers will still be able to utilize the “Exact Coin Lanes” where there is no toll operator present and utilize coin payment at those locations.

Additionally, customers who receive a Toll Enforcement Invoice and wish to open a SunPass account can go online at www.SunPass.com to pay the invoice, purchase a transponder, establish the account and receive the lower SunPass toll rate.

The cost of a mini transponder ($4.99) will be credited back to the account, effectively making the transponder free.

FDOT tell us they will continue to closely monitor this ever changing situation and will update customers accordingly.

To receive the most up to date and accurate information, in regards to this, please visit www.SunPass.com

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