Florida Attorney General Activates, Coronavirus: Price-Gouging Hotline

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has activated Florida's Price-Gouging Hotline, 866-9NO-SCAM.

Following Gov. Ron DeSantis's declaration of a state of emergency this week, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody activated Florida's Price-Gouging Hotline, 866-9NO-SCAM.

"This is a precautionary action meant to protect consumers and there is no cause for panic," said Moody. "We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Florida very closely, and my Consumer Protection Division's rapid response team is ready to immediately respond to allegations of price gouging."

If anyone encounters what they believe to be price gouging of an essential commodity, they should report it to the hotline, use the price-gouging reporting app NO SCAM, which can be downloaded on Apple and Android smart phones for free, or report it to the Attorney General's website.

At this time, essential commodities include only the following items:

  • Protective masks used to protect you from others if you are sick;
  • Sanitizing and disinfecting supplies, such as hand sanitizer, gel, wipes, cleaning supplies for surface cleaning and all commercial cleaning supplies; and
  • All personal protective equipment, including gowns, booties, gloves and other protective gear.

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