Wildlife Center of SWFL in Venice Saved Eaglet with a Hook Stuck in Beak

A tree climber with the Wildlife Center of Southwest Florida in Venice.... made a incredible tree climb to save an eaglet with a hook stuck in its beak. 

The Wildlife Center's post, on their social media says... they took a call from someone taking pictures of an eagle nest who noticed one of the eaglets had a hook stuck in its beak.

After contacting the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for permission to intervene, a tree climber, by the name of Bill, climbed the tree and got to the top of the tree where he found one eaglet with a hook in its beak... with a two-pound weight attached. The line of the hook was wrapped around the leg of another eaglet.

Bill then carefully unwrapped the line from the other eaglet and was able to take the eaglet with the hook to get checked by a veterinarian. 

The hook was removed and the next day, Bill climbed back up the tree with the eaglet to put it back in its nest.

Multiple volunteers were on the ground underneath the nest with nets in case the other eaglet jumped in the process. 

The Wildlife Center said as soon as Bill climbed down, the eaglet's mom was seen circling overhead. 

In the past two weeks, the Wildlife Center of Southwest Florida has renested two eagles successfully. 

Watch the amazing video here... https://wildlifecenterofvenice.org/?fbclid=IwAR2WTHyZ5qxB4KuATvOnO5taTDA7z3szK3Th0xmQfxUjk93tSS3_fAh3rZo

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