These Airlines Will Let You Change Your Flight for Free Due To Coronavirus

With the spread of the coronavirus likely to only continue to pick up steam, a number of airlines are now allowing passengers to change flights for free due to concerns about the virus. Lifehacker put together this list of airlines allowing those changes as of Monday:

  • Alaska Airlines. Any flight on Alaska between now and March 12 can be changed without change or cancellation fees. If you cancel entirely, you’ll be given a credit to use to rebook a flight anytime over the next year. 
  • American Airlines. American is only offering to waive change and cancellation fees for flights in heavily impacted areas such as China, Hong Kong, and South Korea. 
  • Delta Airlines. Delta is offering one-time changes for customers that have flights to Italy, China, or South Korea booked on the airline. Canceled flights will result in a travel credit good for one year from the date of your original flight.
  • Jet Blue. The bargain airline is waiving change and cancellation fees for flights scheduled between now and March 11. If you do change your flight, your new one needs to happen before June 1.
  • United Airlines. United is waving change and cancellation fees for all flights between now and April 30 to Italy and China, and June 30th for South Korea. They have also suspended all flights to Tokyo Narita, Osaka, Singapore, and Seoul

Photo credit: Getty Images

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