Paralyzed dog has miracle recovery from water therapy

A paralyzed Pomeranian has enjoyed a miracle recovery -- thanks to special water therapy.

The dog -- named Penny -- has been through a lot in her one year of life. She was abandoned on a street in New York City, and was unable to use her hind legs when she was brought to the Animal Haven shelter earlier this year.

She was then adopted in February by a couple who made it their mission to help Penny recover.

They enrolled Penny in a rehabilitation program, called Water For Dogs, where she walked on an underwater treadmill and patiently dealt with laser spine treatments.

Amazingly, it didn’t take long for Penny to regain the strength in her hind legs. She’s so strong, in fact, that she can now run up and down the stairs and jump on furniture.

For now, the hydrotherapy sessions will continue, which means Penny will not only improve in her ability to run and jump on land, but also will continue to become an expert swimmer. 

See Penny Here: Fox News

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