A Polk County animal rescue is in need of foster parents!

The Polk County Bully Project is a bully breed rescue in Polk County; they're currently way over capacity and looking for foster homes for dogs. Can you help?

Polk County Bully Project rescues pit bulls and other bully breeds from Polk County Animal Control--which doesn't allow pit bull adoptions--and helps them find forever homes. Pit bulls and bully breeds are unfortunately at higher risk for euthanasia than other breeds because of the bad reputation that is associated with them--a completely unfair reputation, by the way. I've known MANY pits in my life and they are wonderful, loving, highly trainable animals who make great companions. It hurts my heart that a perfectly healthy animal would be put to sleep just because of some bad press associated with the breed. Did you know you're more likely to be bitten by a chihuahua than a pit bull? In many cases, pit bulls are blamed for bites when in reality they get mislabeled or lumped in with other "mixed breeds" when people don't know what to call them. For example, Staffordshire Terriers look similar to pit bulls, and are often described as pit bulls, even though they're different breeds.

If you're currently in a position to foster or adopt one of these pups, please reach out to the Polk County Bully Project!

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Thumbnail photo: Getty Images

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