Florida woman lists old house and ex-husband!

 Real estate investor Crystal Ball’s (HER NAME IS CRYSTAL BALL?!) home for sale in Panama City Beach, Florida, comes with a unique feature included: a free ex-husband. The listing went viral on social media after it was shared on the popular Twitter account Zillow Gone Wild. In the listing, Ball described Chaillou as a “wonderfully rehabbed ex-husband” with extra-large ears who is a dream in the kitchen. She said the divorce has not been easy for the pair, but humor has gotten them through it. Ball said it’s common for real estate investment properties to be sold with current tenants, so she plans to sell the property, and her ex-husband will do a lease-back for the first two years.

The listing has been pulled from Zillow and the MLS, but Ball has listed it as a For Sale By Owner.

GO HERE to see the photos on the listing. And get ready to laugh, because this guy is hilarious.

Thumbnail photos: Getty Images

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