Should Florida ban smoking on public beaches?

There's a bill in the Florida House that would give counties the ability to ban smoking on public beaches and parks if passed.

It's SO frustrating when you're on one of our beautiful beaches, and you find trash that people have left behind. In my observation, cigarette butts are the most-dumped type of trash on the beach. For years, people have been up-in-arms about plastic straws, but I never see straws--I ALWAYS see cigarette butts! I personally think that a smoking ban on the beach would help curb litter on the shore and in our waters. Litter is SO bad for our delicate ecosystem.

This isn't me telling you that you shouldn't be allowed to smoke. You're an adult and you can make your own choices. The problem I have is that so many smokers seem to think that cigarette butts don't count as litter, and throw them wherever they happen to be standing. I know this isn't ALL smokers, but it happens a lot! Last weekend, I was at a waterfront restaurant/bar in Palmetto, and two people were standing by the water and smoking, and then threw their butts into the water! The entire party I was with called them out for polluting our water, and they LAUGHED! I couldn't even believe how inconsiderate they were.

I digress...I wonder how many people would support a beach smoking ban. Do you think it's a good idea? Or do you feel it's an overreach to ban smoking in an open, outdoor space? If passed, the bill would take effect this summer.

[My Suncoast]

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