Demonstrations in Tampa to support Cuba

I don't usually get political here--I know that's not why you listen to us--but there's something happening in Cuba that I think people need to know about. Cuba is on the brink of a revolution; the people there are sick of being oppressed by their communist, abusive, authoritarian government. They can't get access to basic needs, like groceries or medicine. Even if they can find what they need, the inflation there is so high (500%-900% in the last couple weeks!) that no one can afford food, toiletries, or other necessities. If they dare speak out about this, they can get thrown in jail or worse (many protesters in Cuba have been arrested by their government and tossed in jail without any sort of due process). The government has shut off the internet, preventing Cubans from not only organizing protests, but keeping families from checking on the safety or whereabouts of loved ones. Unfortunately, I think many US news outlets have done a poor job reporting on this.

If you love liberty, if you value free speech, if you support freedom from oppression, I hope you'll take some time to read about what's happening there. And then if you're so moved, join the demonstration that's happening this Saturday at Al Lopez Park on Himes Ave in Tampa (near Raymond James Stadium). The Mayor of Tampa, as well as several State Representatives will reportedly be there.

Tampa was founded by Cuban immigrants--my grandfather was a Cuban immigrant who enlisted in the US Navy during World War II to get his American citizenship. This isn't just is an important issue to Cuba; it's important to our community, and to everyone who values the freedom to live their lives without oppressive, unjust laws. I hope when you read what's happening in Cuba, you'll want to stand in solidarity with our Cuban brothers and sisters, and the many Cuban-Americans in the Tampa Bay area and throughout Florida.

More about the demonstration below. I'd like to remind everyone about the importance--and First Amendment right--of PEACEFUL protests!

HERE is a quick synopsis of what's happening in Cuba, if you'd like to read more.

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