Can you help this Tampa Bay family?

This week, I got a call from a listener named Jacob who shared a story with me about a Tampa Bay couple who needs some help, and I wanted to pass this on to our listening family in case y'all are able to assist.

The couple is Nick and Brianna. They had been expecting their first child together, and on June 27th, while they were in the hospital welcoming their baby girl, their house in Spring Hill caught fire. The home is currently uninhabitable. So while they were experiencing the joy of bringing a child into their family, they were also experiencing the devastation of a housefire. And to make matters worse, one of their dogs--Gabby--was not able to make it out of the fire.

There is a Go Fund Me set up for Nick and Briana for financial donations, as well as a Facebook page for folks who would like to donate goods (household items, baby items, toiletries, linens, etc). If you are in a position to help, please consider donating to this Tampa Bay family as they try to move forward from this fire. Thank you!

Photos courtesy of Brianna Lalich.

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