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Sarasota Schools Police Warn Parents About "Fake Cheetos" with Real THC

Sarasota County Schools and Charlotte County Sheriff Warn Parents About "Fake Cheetos, Skittles and Nerds" with Marijuana and Real THC

They have both Sarasota County and Charlotte County school officials on the look out.

In fact, edible marijuana disguised in Cheetos, Skittles and Nerds packages have been found in both Sarasota and Charlotte county.

The Sarasota County Schools Police Department and the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office has confiscated marijuana edibles labeled as "Cheetos" and other popular snacks, in the last few weeks.

Both Law Enforcement agencies are warning parents to recognize that there are products containing "THC", which is the ingredient in marijuana that produces a high. These "snacks" are packaged in counterfeit wrappings and they are designed to appear as if they are made by company, you know.

This bag of “Flamin’ Hot Cheetos” was confiscated at the Sarasota Military Academy Prep school. 

As you can see, this bag looks looks "almost identical" to an actual Cheetos package, "except" the bottom left corner has a box that says “THC 600 mg.,” the bottom right corner has picture of a marijuana leaf... the back of the package also has warnings about, not consuming too much at once.

The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office posted to social media to warn parents about many different types of "fake" candy and snacks, which contain "THC", that are in packages like: Skittles, Nerds and more...

They posted the following on their Facebook Page:

Hey Parents!

Without looking closely, you would never know that these candies, that bear a striking resemblance to ordinary candy, is actually THC infused edibles.

Children would not know or see the difference so it's up to us as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters, to be vigilant.

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