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FHSAA Will Decide the Fate of Florida Fall High School Sports, This Friday

The Florida High School Athletic Association has laid out 3 options FOR High School Fall Sports… They will meet this Friday (8-14-20) at 10am, in a highly anticipated meeting that will be live-streamed online.

The FHSAA will decide on one of the three options for starting the year….

Option 1 is to begin fall practices as currently planned on Aug. 24 with slightly shortened regular seasons and keep the state playoffs the same.

Option 2 would allow schools to start any time after August, at a date they determine, and would eliminate statewide playoffs in fall sports.

Option 3 is to push back the start of all sports until as late as Nov. 30 and condense the three sports regular seasons (fall, winter, spring) to about five weeks each before the playoffs.

FHSAA is including the input from all its advisory committees, including the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee, when it presents its three plans to its board of directors for a final vote this Friday, August 14th.

Back in July, the sports medicine committee created a report that deemed starting football and volleyball unsafe because those sports present a high risk of spreading the coronavirus.

There are other sports to consider as well like: golf , tennis, swimming and cross country, if fall all sports get pushed back.

In the 3 plans the FHSAA laid out last week, Option 3 called for fall sports to start Nov. 30, winter sports to begin Feb. 15, and spring to start April 26. However, the FHSAA is flexible with those dates.

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