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Morgan Wallen Replaces Famous Mullet With Shocking New Look

2022 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 1 - Show

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Morgan Wallen's fans were in for the shock of their lives when the popular country star revealed that his famous mullet is long gone.

During a performance in Columbus at the Ohio Stadium on Friday night, Wallen kicked off his set wearing a red baseball cap, but when he removed the accessory, what was underneath completely blindsided the audience. Now, Wallen is rocking a nearly shaved look — the opposite of his signature locks!

The reaction of the crowd was intense. To avoid leaving his fans hanging, Wallen provided a brief explanation about his physical transformation, "Before we get any further ... I didn't like my long hair anymore, so I shaved it off."

When word spread online about Wallen's updated appearance, opinions were split. It's clear that his decision is a divisive one as some joked about "feeling unwell" about it, while others praised Wallen for being a "trendsetter" and predicted that other male country artists will follow in his footsteps by also getting rid of their longer hair.

Wallen will be performing at the Ohio Stadium again tonight for his "One Night At A Time" world tour.

The show will be followed by three concerts at Fenway Park in Boston.

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