DeSantis: Florida Has Record $20 Billion Budget Surplus

DeSantis At Retro Fitness In WPB

Photo: CBS 12

Gov. Ron DeSantis in West Palm Beach on Friday announced that Florida's unemployment rate in April was 3.0 percent. That's down two-tenths of a percent from March and a 2.1 percent decline from last year.

Continuing with the positive economic news, he said that with about six weeks left in the fiscal year, the Sunshine State has a budget surplus of over $20 billion which includes over $3 billion for the state's "rainy day fund" and half a billion dollars set aside to respond to disasters. That may come in handy this hurricane season.

The governor says it's the largest budget surplus in the history of Florida.

The fiscal year ends on June 30.

The governor says Florida's economic comeback shows that keeping the state open was the right thing to do.

"This would not have happened, had we listened to a lot of the people that were criticizing us for keeping businesses open, keeping people employed, keeping kids in school."

DeSantis says Florida made "decisions that other states were not following and certainly Fauci did not want to see this happen."

DeSantis made the announcement from the corporate headquarters of Retro Fitness in West Palm Beach. The company relocated from New Jersey in 2019 and has over 30 gyms across the state. The CEO has a goal of a hundred.

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