Good Samaritans Who Helped Driver After She Passed Out Were Honored

Good Samaritans Help Driver Who Passed Out In Boynton Beach

Photo: CBS 12

Boynton Beach Police are honoring the heroes who helped save a woman when she passed out while driving through a busy intersection last week.

Laurie Rabyor says a mix of high-blood pressure medications and fasting for a colonscopy caused the medical issue.

She was reunited with the good Samaritans on Friday.

"Just to know that a group of people of all different nationalities and religions and nobody thought of anything like that. And they all just came together to help little old lady me."

Rabyor's car was moving slowly through the intersection and those people worked together to stop it and get her to safety.

Many of them shared their stories, saying they just acted naturally when they realized someone was in trouble.

Michael Edelstein was among them.

"I was the fool who jumped in front of the car and then tried to punch the windows out. I was the idiot who did that."

Army Staff Sergeant Juan Chavez said he put his car in park and started running, which he said after watching the now-viral video captured by a red light camera "I thought that was pretty stupid, but I got to play real life Frogger."

Chavez continued to say:

"It's amazing how everyone came together to help someone who was in need, without even knowing the person."

Rabyor thanked her heroes, then she and all of them were given multi-night cruises, which were donated by Royal Caribbean.

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