The best beach towns to live in

In the summer months, nothing sounds better than the idea of living by the beach. I mean, who wouldn’t like to just walk out their door and head out for a relaxing day by the water without having to deal with the headaches of traffic, parking and more.

But not all beach communities are created equal and now WalletHub has come out with their list of the Best Beach Towns to Live In. The site looked at 192 cities based on 62 indicators of livability, splitting things up into two categories, towns by the ocean and towns by lakes. They then looked at things like housing costs, quality of beach water, weather, number of natural disasters, attractions, safety and more.

So, with all that in mind, the site has named Naples, Florida the best beach town to live in by the ocean, scoring a 65.61 out of 100, and topping the list for quality of life and earning high marks for safety. 

Top Ten Beach Towns To Live In (Ocean)

  1. Naples, FL
  2. Lahaina, HI
  3. Newport Beach, CA
  4. Carlsbad, CA
  5. Boca Raton, FL
  6. Sarasota, FL
  7. North Myrtle Beach, SC
  8. Encinitas, CA
  9. Santa Monica, CA
  10. Venice, FL

As for beach towns by the lake, Traverse City, Michigan is tops, scoring a 69.07 out of 100, and landing at number one for quality of life, with high marks for their economy, affordability and safety.

Top Ten Beach Towns To Live In (Lake)

  1. Traverse City, MI
  2. Folsom, CA
  3. Cornelius, NC
  4. Holland, MI
  5. Kirkland, WA
  6. Mercer Island, WA
  7. Davidson, NC
  8. Redmond, WA
  9. Eden Prairie, MN
  10. Bay Village, OH