A startup company is selling that perfect little black dress in 99 sizes

For years the fashion industry has handled sizing in the same way. A brand creates a pattern based on a fit model and then size up or down an inch to make smaller or larger sizes. Then they create less than a dozen sizes and hope women will pick the one that comes closest to fitting them.

Great for women who have the same proportions as the fit model, but most womendon’t. Now more brands are becoming more size inclusive by extending their size range, some as broad as 00 to 40, but one new fashion label is taking sizing to a whole new level by offering 99 micro sizes to fit more bodies well.

A startup called Laws of Motion just launched and they’re overhauling traditional clothing sizing by offering a single garment - a sheath dress - in a range of 99 sizes that take into account variations in body shapes, including bust and waist measurements. The dress comes in just three colors: black, red, and navy, and it sells for $195. And they’re focusing on that one dress and perfecting fit before they make more clothes.

  • To start the process, customers answer questions on Laws of Motions’ site, which include info about height, weight, age, ethnicity, bra and jean size. Then it creates the perfect size for you based on that info and once the dress is ordered, the fabric is cut by laser and sewn in 10 minutes by machine and shipped to the customer in days. There’s no unsold inventory, so there’s less waste, which makes this practically custom-fit dress company better for the planet, too.