The best fast food chicken tenders

Sometimes you’ve gotta have a chicken fix, and only the best will do. That’s where it’s helpful to have someone who’s done all the dirty work for you. The discerning eaters at Thrillist have ranked all the fast food chicken tenders out there so your fried bird decision-making process is easier. On with the rankings:

14 Burger King –“So. Much. Breading.”

13 Wendy’s –Mostly breading and no discernable seasoning to speak of.

12 Sonic –If it weren’t for the honey mustard dipping sauce there’d be nothing of merit.

11 Carl’s Jr.– A step above its predecessors because of the pepper seasoning.

10 Jack In The Box –Like a finger-sized McNugget.

9 KFC –Blander than what should come from a place with “chicken” in its name.

8 Dairy Queen –Get them with a side of gravy and you’re on to something.

7 McDonald’s –Above average batter, a nice crunch and flavor.

6 Arby’s –Still the gold standard in fast food chicken from a place that doesn’t specialize in chicken.

5 Church’s Chicken –Good, but more seasoning please.

4 Chik-Fil-A –Flavorful chicken with a peppery southern-style flavor.

3 Culver’s –Cooked to order and delicious.

2 Popeye’s –Flavorful batter and damn tasty chicken.

1 Raising Cane’s –With 400 locations nationwide, their making serious clucking noise in the chicken game.