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4 Women Break Record Rowing From California to Hawaii in 34 Days (video)

These 4 California women spent 34 days rowing from California to Hawaii and broke a world record.

As they pulled their boat up to the dock, they shared this video as they finally landed in Hawaii. How about all of the photo ops they had to go through before finally stepping onto land lol?!

Amazing that they have such great spirits after that long on the water.

Making women proud! #GirlPower

And finally.....they stepped off.

They rowed for two hours at a time and slept 90 minutes at a time.

So this is how they ate and rowed at the same time!

Not only did they inspire a lot of us watching them, they also raised money for the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

And here are some more details about these amazing women, including the video of the hug between rower Adrienne Smith and her daughter after they landed.

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