Brad Paisley Opens Free Grocery Store Helping the Elderly

Brad Paisley's free grocery store, The Store, opened their doors this past Saturday in Nashville, which was far earlier than expected, with Brad and his wife Kimberly Williams Paisley sharing it was "due to some really hard-working volunteers, staff and some incredible donors."

Now that it's open, The Store is doing everything they can to help those affected by both the Nashville Tornadoes and the coronavirus outbreak.

"In light of how times have changed, we've decided to change the way we do things a bit," Brad shared in an Instagram video. "We're mobilizing a group of volunteers to deliver one week's worth of groceries to elderly people who should not be out shopping on their own in these times." He added, "We can now serve the needs of the community beyond the initial scope of our original mission."

Brad adds "We will continue to operate regular hours 1-7 Th/F 11-5 Sat for walk ins but please bring ID and either proof of income, proof of residence, or statement of unemployment for our recently unemployed neighbors. #Nashvillestrong .

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