Florida Man Drops Over 150 Pounds to Fulfill Dream to Join U.S. Army

A Florida man lost over 150 pounds so he could fulfill a longtime dream of enlisting in the United States Army. Christian Montijo weighed about 300 pounds last year and finally decided to make a change. “I got to point to my life that I thought if I keep going on this path, I’m just going to keep gaining weight and get to a point that I’m either going to die or be in a wheelchair,” he said. He ended up changing his entire diet, prepping his meals and walking more around his neighborhood.

Ultimately he lost 165 pounds. Montijo says his children were a major inspiration. "My kids are the biggest thing," he explains. "They're young so I know they have a lot of energy so I want to keep up with them and that's the first thing. I want to be with them in the long run."

Next week, he'll head to basic training in South Carolina.

God Bless All Who Serve Our Great Country

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