Family Trapped In Theater Gets Rescued From Australian Wildfires

A family from Canada was on vacation in Australia when catastrophic bushfires around them forced them to leave and take shelter in a movie theater.

Canadian Meaghan Wegg and her Australian husband,Tim Buckley, were enjoying a camping trip at the beach with their two kids, three-year-old Georgia and five-year-old Jackson when they had to head to the movie theater in the town of Mallacoota.

They were among the 500 or so people at the cinema shelter and ash from the approaching fires was falling from the building’s air vents, but at least they had movies like “Frozen” and “Happy Feet” playing to keep the kids entertained. After six long days, the family was evacuated by military helicopter.

Wegg says they “counted their blessings” during the ordeal but they’re happy to be out of there now. “We are all safe and rested,” she says. “A bit in shock, but good.”


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