Lakewood Ranch Publix employees help customer whose dog was hit by car

Bob Eck of Lakewood Ranch, would regularly bring his dog, Bobo, to his Publix.

While shopping, he struck up a friendship with two employees, Leslie Hinton and Kathy Clifton. Leslie and Kathy looked forward to seeing Bob and Bobo -- and the feeling was mutual.

But when Bob arrived one day without Bobo, he delivered the sad news that Bobo had been hit by a car and died.

Leslie and Kathy were heartbroken, but determined to make things right.

The trio met up on a Saturday morning and went to the Bishop Animal Shelter SPCA in Bradenton.

The two women thelped Bob pick out a four-year-old dog named Peppy. Leslie and Kathy paid the adoption fee out of their own pockets.

It was an act of great customer service -- as well as a true act of friendship.

Clifton and Hinton even won the “Mr. George Gold Coin” award through Publix for their good deed.

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