Groom Saves Drowning Man During Wedding Pictures

Groom saves drowning man during wedding pictures

In Orange Beach, Alabama, a wedding photo shoot turned into an adventure when the groom noticed a swimmer in trouble, jumped into the Gulf of Mexico and reached the swimmer before things got even worse.

Cindy and Zac Edwards had just exchanged their vows and were getting their picture taken when they were distracted by the swimmer.

Luckily, Zac is a former lifeguard and member of the U.S. Coast Guard, so he didn’t hesitate to rip off his shirt and rush into the water, still wearing his pants.

It was scary for a few moments as both Zac and the man were stuck in the rough water.

Zac admits that all he could think about was his bride, but he was able to keep things under control until first responders showed up and brought both men to safety.

Thanks to Zac’s fast action, nobody was injured.

And now, Zac and Cindy have an unusual wedding story -- one they can share with generations of family members to come. 

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