Woman rescues baby dolphin stranded on Irish beach

Woman rescues dolphin stranded on Irish beach.

A horseback ride on the beach in Ireland turned into a rescue mission when a woman riding with friends came up on two baby dolphins stranded in the sand.

Jenni Hänninen jumped into action when she saw the distressed dolphins. She got off her horse, scooped up the first dolphin and carried it to deeper water. She then ran back and did the same for the second dolphin.  One of her friends captured the rescue on video.

Jenni said she just acted upon instinct to save the dolphins. "When I was younger I might have saved a couple of birds but nothing like this," she said. "I just saw the first baby dolphin at the side of the water. I didn’t know who to call or if I should call the coastguard or someone. So I went over to help and when I was coming back there was another one which was stranded as well."

Jenni was at the right place at the right time, and her quick thinking saved two baby dolphins. 

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