K9 Korral K9 Korner Pet Adoption: Eve

K9 Korral and 92.1CTQ want to help rescue animals across the Suncoast find lifelong homes, and you can help!  Each week K9 Korral's K9 Korner will feature a new pet up for adoption, on our website, and social media.  Maybe you can provide our featured animal a home, or you can help spread the word!     


Age:  4   

Breed: Staffy Bull Terrier

Description: Pint size—Black and White

Medical Issues: None

What's the scoop? Eve’s mother rescued her from her ex. She surrendered her to K9 Korral as Eve had too much energy.  We adopted her and he surrendered her to Manatee Humane society. 

Energy Level: High 

Other pets: Male with intro 

Children: Yes with intro

Who would be a good fit for this dog?

An Active family or active single. Walks and play - Not a dog Park Dog though. Needs a fenced back yard

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